NuAquos offers a proprietary blend of complete protein, giving your body a steady release of aminos and muscle building benefits over time.

+6 Base Electrolytes

The mix matters. Unlike most sports beverages, NuAquos contains all 6 base electrolytes, properly balanced for superior hydration.

+19 Vitamins & Minerals

We offer more than a sprinkling. NuAquos has 19 vitamins and minerals- with 15 of them giving you 20% or more of your recommended daily allowance! NuAquos has what you need to restore what's missing and supplement what's not.


Your body depends on water for survival. It helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, helps regulate body temperature, and protects organs and tissue.

+3G Fiber

Fiber is proven to improve digestive health and lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol, and diabetes.

+Functional Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the most abundant source of energy in the body. NuAquos offers the right combination of fast burning carbohydrates for an energy boost and slow burning carbohydrates to provide lasting energy.

+5 Flavors Great Taste

NuAquos comes in 5 fantastic flavors and one is bound to be your favorite. In a blind taste test, NuAquos was consistently chosen over the leading rehydration beverages.